proposed change to committers policy

Tim Hudson tjh at
Fri May 24 08:49:40 UTC 2019

As part of various discussions, I've drafted a proposed (not yet put to a
formal vote) change to the committers policy to address the perception of a
potential conflict-of-interest situation. I don't believe that we have
actually encountered a conflict of interest in our current policy, but
avoiding the perception that the potential is there I think is worthwhile.

It also would encode formally the practice that individuals have been
following on an informal basis as a number of those individuals have noted.

Note the OSF and the OSS are noted in the bylaws - I haven't expanded that
here - but effectively that covers the organisations that are governed by
the OMC which means resources like the OpenSSL fellows are not impacted by
this policy change. i.e. one OpenSSL fellow can approve another OpenSSL
fellow proposed change (as is our regular practice).

I've tried to keep it simple and precise.


diff --git a/policies/committers.html b/policies/committers.html
index 80e31c8..22d78b2 100644
--- a/policies/committers.html
+++ b/policies/committers.html
@@ -77,6 +77,11 @@
                 including one from the OMC.</li>

+       <p>In considering approvals, the combined approvals must come
+       from individuals who work for separate organisations.
+       This condition does not apply where the organisation is the
+       OSF or OSS.
               <p>This process may seem a little heavy, but OpenSSL is a
               complicated codebase, and we think two reviews help prevent
               security bugs, as well as disseminate knowledge to the
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