AW: Confirmed bug labels

Matthias St. Pierre Matthias.St.Pierre at
Tue Oct 29 12:24:55 UTC 2019

On 29.10.19 13:14, Matt Caswell wrote:
> Do we just need "triaged: bug" and "triaged: feature"? Or should we also
> have "triaged: documentation" and "triaged: question" (so that there is
> one for every corresponding "issue" label)?

Yes, that makes sense. Then it is assured that the 'issue: *' labels are
set only for issues which have not been triaged yet.

Note also that the 'triaged: bug', 'triaged: feature', and 'triaged: documentation'
labels also make sense for pull request, in particular w.r.t. the question whether
a pull request can be backported or not.

> Bugs, features and documentation issues are resolved by
> fixing/implementing them, or marking them with a resolved label. Should
> we also have a "resolved: answered" label where we believe we have
> answered a question? Possibly also one where there has been no answer,
> but we're closing it because the question is stale?

It might be useful to add more reasons for why the issue is resolved.
OTOH we should watch out that we don't create too many labels.

     "resolved: fixed"
     "resolved: answered"

For the unresolved issues, an 'unresolved: *' label makes sense:

     "unresolved: <some reason>"

> I updated the "closed: *" labels to say "resolved: *" instead.
Ok, I already saw it :-)

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