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Richard Levitte levitte at
Tue Sep 17 05:49:53 UTC 2019

...  or how our usual style of dispute can sometimes deter help from
the community.

In this PR, there's a lot of discussions going on, a bit back an
forth, about the right way to do things, and what does what like what
other thing and so on.

This is often our modus operandi, and it has often given us pretty
good quality code (or at least, so we hope), even though it can be a
bit exhausting at times.

I would like to emphasise that I think this is absolutely fine...
when it's among us who have been along for a bit, perhaps have come to
know each other a bit more and have some kind of sense of our
respective strengths and weaknesses, or even with someone that has
shown they can handle this type of discussion.

However, in pull requests like the one cited, where the associated
issue is marked "good first issue", and the author has done quite well
what was asked from the issue, it can be quite unexpected, not to say
overwhelming to be met with this discussion style that could be seen
as getting out of proportion.  A "good first issue" is supposed to be
a bite size thing after all, and I fear that if this is how we welcome
new contributors, they might more often than not choose to step away
from it all.

So maybe let's be a little more careful with contributions for "good
first issue" and potential newcomers, yeah?


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