Github PR label automation

Matt Caswell matt at
Sun Feb 9 00:18:58 UTC 2020

On 08/02/2020 15:56, Mark J Cox wrote:
> I've currently got a cron job running every hour that looks at open PR
> requests against github openssl repo and does various actions.  So if
> you were wondering why I was altering labels and making comments at
> 4am, now you know.  No doubt we'll use some tool user for this in the
> future.
> So right now here's what it does:
> Every hour it looks at open PRs that are labelled "approval: done".
> If 24 hours has elapsed since that label was assigned and if there
> have been no comments made to the PR since the label was assigned then
> it is automatically moved to "approval: ready to merge" with a comment
> added to trigger notifications.  So if you want to stop something
> going to "ready to merge" just add any comment to the PR.
> I'm thinking of using this script also to 1) collect interesting stats
> and 2) do some other actions.  So if there's some automation you'd
> like to see just add an enhancement issue against the openssl/tools
> repo.
> 1 Matt already asked for committer notification trigger for anything
> labelled Urgent.
> 2 If there were comments made after "approval: done" then I think we
> really ought to drop the "approval: done" label as the comments likely
> invalidated the approval.  So I'll likely add that next week (if
> "approval: done" label and has comments since that label then remove
> the label and add a comment 'please review if this is really approval:
> done'.  If the approval: done label gets set again then after 24 hours
> the existing automation will trigger.  #10786 is a good example of
> this.

I'm less sure about this. I think there are probably many examples where
this is not the case. E.g. a quick review found these recent cases:

I would be more minded to think that if a comment invalidates an
"approval done" then the committer should explicitly decide to do that.


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