Monthly Status Report (December)

Matt Caswell matt at
Thu Jan 2 12:14:49 UTC 2020

As well as normal reviews, responding to user queries, wiki user
requests, OMC business, handling security reports, etc., key activities
this month:

- Deprecated the AES_ige_*() functions
- Continued work on the PR to move constant time padding checks out of
- Significant additional work on the PR to fix issues with
- Backported RSA_get0_pss_params() to 1.1.1
- Reviewed a large number of old issues in conjunction with Richard Levitte
- Co-ordinated and issued security advisory for CVE-2019-1551
- Fixed EVP_PKEY_set1_DH() to correctly handle X9.42 DH keys
- Created PR to deprecate the low level AES functions
- Performed the 1.0.2u release
- Fixed no-dh and no-dsa
- PR to fix the Travis builds


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