Backports to 1.1.1 and what is allowed

Matt Caswell matt at
Fri Jun 19 22:46:15 UTC 2020

On 19/06/2020 23:34, Tim Hudson wrote:
> On Sat, 20 Jun 2020, 8:14 am Benjamin Kaduk, <kaduk at
> <mailto:kaduk at>> wrote:
>     On Sat, Jun 20, 2020 at 08:11:16AM +1000, Tim Hudson wrote:
>     > The general concept is to only fix serious bugs in stable releases.
>     > Increasing performance is not fixing a bug - it is a feature.
>     Is remediating a significant performance regression fixing a bug?
> It would be a bug - but not a serious bug. So no.
> It works. It was released. 

I don't recall us ever saying that we would only fix serious bugs.
AFAIK, if its a bug then we will fix it. IMO a serious performance
regression would qualify, within reason (e.g. major rewrites of the
assembler would not be ok).

> Wholesale replacement of implementations of algorithms should not be
> happening in LTS releases.

This I agree with.


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