Status of the remaining beta1 PRs

Matt Caswell matt at
Fri Sep 18 15:24:59 UTC 2020

As of right now we have 13 PRs with the beta1 milestone against them.

Of these there are 4 which really need our focused attention. These are

2 PRs which are in a state of "written but still in review":
WIP: Implement Provider side SM2 Asymmetric Cipher support
Needed to complete the SM2 support (WIP because dependent on 12536,
which is in "approval done" status but not yet merged)

ENCODER: Refactor the OSSL_ENCODER API to be more like OSSL_DECODER
Still in review

1 PR which is in a state of "we really need to do something about this":
[WIP, Parked] EVP: Adapt EVP_PKEY_set_alias_type() for provider-native
Since this affects a public API we probably really do need to figure out
what to do with the EVP_PKEY_set_alias_type()

1 PR which is in a state of "its unclear what we do with this":
[WIP] Rename some XXX_ex() related methods to XXX_with_libctx()
With no agreement on a naming convention its unclear if this should go
ahead or not

The remaining 9 PRs can be split into 2 groups:

6 are in the "approval done" state, so can be pushed soon (one of these
we are actually deliberately holding back until nearer the beta release).

3 PRs are in a state of "probably can be dropped altogether":
WIP: Fix the DRBG reseed propagation [master]
This is a bug fix so may not be needed for beta1 at all. Matthias says:
"I put the beta1 milestone against it because I wasn't sure whether I
need to change some public API or not. Currently, I don't think it's
necessary, but I need to check it once more. That will probably not
happen before the weekend, but I'll remember to move the ticket from the
beta1 milestone to the release milestone, if it's not urgent."

Reorder algorithm parameter to be first in *_FETCH() operations.
Disputed, and probably not needed. Probably can be dropped.

RAND: allow the primary, public and private of DRBGs to be overriden and
A feature that current discussion on the PR seems to suggest we may drop
because it may not be needed for 3.0 after all.


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