Monthly Status: November

Dr Paul Dale pauli at
Sun Dec 5 22:10:10 UTC 2021

Significant activities throughout November included:

  * Investigation of date based finish times for GHE
  * Reviewed and made suggestions for developer job description
  * Bug fixes in apps
  * Fixed test RNG and updated its documentation and added a unit test
  * Implemented a safe integer maths module including documentation and
    test cases
  * Made DES key checks constant time
  * Wrote blob post about community support of platforms
  * Reinstated Coverity builds (they were lost when we moved away from
  * Examined and fixed/ignore over forty Coverity issues
  * Created daily Coverity scans (previously was weekly)
  * Examine some thread sanitiser issues
  * Implemented a priority queue in anticipation of needing time based
    event processing
  * Documented some additional environment variables
  * Ongoing Coverity fixes as they appear
  * Re reading portions of the QUIC RFCs
  * QUIC planning
  * Investigation of a possible performance bottleneck in parameter


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