Monthly Status: May

Dr Paul Dale pauli at
Tue Jun 1 00:34:13 UTC 2021

Significant activities throughout April were:

  * Conversion of most run-checker jobs to GitHub Actions
  * Ongoing fixes to keep the run-checker builds working
  * Addition of cross compilation CI builds & fixes to get them passing
  * Fixes and improvements in the list, mac and kdf apps
  * Fixing Coverity issues each week
  * Fix provider store flushing
  * Allow property queries to use names before they are defined
  * Investigation of memory leak run running power up self tests on FIPS
    provider load
  * Several minor documentation updates
  * Threading test fixes
  * Fixes to the FIPS checksumming to include headers and dependencies
  * Cleaning up public symbols that aren't in our reserved name spaces
  * Addition of image files to the HTML documation installation
  * Added a MAC get block size call
  * Review of state diagram, vendor evidence and security policy
    documents for FIPS validation
  * Update RSA strengths in accordance with IG 7.5
  * Add strengths to new RNG calls
  * Use size_t for lengths in new RAND calls
  * Cleaning up TODOs in codebase (ongoing)

In addition were minor pull requests, reviewing, OMC and OTC business, 
et al.

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