Monthly Status Report (May 2021)

Tomas Mraz tomas at
Wed Jun 2 16:19:44 UTC 2021

My key activities this month were:

- triage of newly reported issues and responding to questions
- re-triage of issues/PRs in Post 1.1.1 and Assessed milestones
- participation on the meetings

- reviews of various PRs:
  - I've reviewed more than 100 PRs this month
  - Notable PRs reviewed:
    - FIPS module checksums: add scripts and Makefile rule #8871
    - Add BIO_new_from_core_bio() to the public API #15072
    - Alpha 16 release
    - PSK and key_share compliance fixes for RFC 8446 #14749
    - Export/import flags for FFC params changed to seperate fields.
    - HTTP: Implement persistent connections (keep-alive) etc. #15053
    - Init the child providers immediately on creation of the child
libctx #15270
    - EVP: Modify EVP_PKEY_export() to handle legacy EVP_PKEYs #15293
    - Disable client-initiated renegotiation by default #15184
    - checksum: include header files in the checksumming output #15365
    - Rework how providers/fipsmodule.cnf is produced, and have a
separate test/fipsmodule.cnf #15436
    - Update Cipher documentation. #15416           

- submitted 29 PRs:
  - In particular:
    - Multiple PRs for FIPS checksum CI job fine tunnings
    - Replace EVP_PKEY_supports_digest_nid #15198
    - Allow arbitrary digests with ECDSA and DSA #15220
    - Add some basic Windows builds to the Windows CI workflow #15349
and follow-up Enable FIPS in the Windows CI 64 bit shared build and fix
related issues #15550
    - Rename all getters to use get/get0 in name #15405
    - Deprecate old style BIO callback calls #15440
    - Fix possible infinite loop in pem_read_bio_key_decoder() #15441

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