Monthly Status Report (May)

Matt Caswell matt at
Thu Jun 3 14:41:33 UTC 2021

As well as normal reviews, responding to user queries, wiki user
requests, OMC business, support customer issues, CLA submissions,
handling security reports, etc., key activities this month:

- Miscellaneous buildbot admin (setting up workers)
- Completed implementation of core BIO API
- Significant amount of working implementing child provider library contexts
- Performed the alpha 16 release
- Implemented mirroring of global properties in child providers
- Significant time spent reviewing the migration guide
- Fixed a mem leak in the pkcs12 test helpers
- Fixed a problem within initialisation of child providers happening too 
- Add a missing CHANGES entry for the fully pluggable groups code
- Fixed a use-after-free in the child provider code
- Implemented better error messages if no decoders/encoders/store 
loaders are available
- Implemented symlink creation during man page installation
- Cleaned up various problems in the missing*.txt files
- Performed the alpha 17 release
- Fixed a problem in the decoders that avoids using the same decoder 
multiple times
- Significant work to enable the use of provider keys read from DER 
encoded data. This led to a number of related fixes including:
    - Add a special case for SM2 when decoding due to abuse of the EC OID
    - Fix cert creation in the store to use libctx/propq
    - Teaching EC EVP_PKEYs to say whether they were decoded from 
explicit params
    - Teaching ASN1_item_verify_ctx() how to handle provided keys
    - Updating the function check_sig_alg_match() to work with provided keys


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