Monthly Status Report (June 2022)

Hugo Landau hlandau at
Fri Jul 1 06:25:05 UTC 2022

Apart from normal business, code reviews, attending daily standup meetings,
attending OTC meetings, sprint planning meetings, etc., most of this month was
consumed with research into the design and requirements for the QUIC ACK
Manager, followed by implementation of the ACK Manager.

Other key activities this month:
    - PR #18442 (BIO_dgram_pair)
    - Updates to existing PRs:
        - BIO_dgram API design PR
        - BIO_dgram API implementation PR
        - Windows root CA store PR
        - Deprecate long proposal
    - Debugging of an issue with BIO_sendmmsg on macOS
    - Setup more YouTrack repository imports
    - Increased YouTrack machine's RAM

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