Monthly Status Report (May 2022)

Hugo Landau hlandau at
Wed Jun 1 06:34:06 UTC 2022

Apart from normal business, attending daily standup meetings, attending OTC
meetings, sprint planning meetings, etc., key activities this month:

    - Wrote up discussion of options for BIO_dgram API
    - PR #18238 (synthesized API proposals and DDD diffs into single PR)
    - PR #18270 (BIO_dgram sendmmsg/recvmmsg implementation work)
    - Updated lhash deprecation PR to implement chosen option
    - Setup YouTrack instance
    - Backported a bug fix to 1.0.2 for a premium support customer
    - PR #18305 fixing #18243 and #18242 (dev/ --release)
    - PR tools#117 fixiing tools#116 (addrev release mode)
    - PR to fix Git hooks (release mode)
    - PR #18320 porting 1.1 EC compression compatibility tests to 3.x
      and incorporating changes from #16624
    - Investiigated #18226 (OSSL_LIB_CTX_load_config thread safety)
    - PR #18323 (move modules lists to OSSL_LIB_CTX)
    - PR #18331 (make OSSL_LIB_CTX_load_config thread safe) fixing #18226
    - Proposed deprecating long (#18338, technical-poliicies#51)
    - Moved YouTrack instance to production
    - Setup VCS integrations with YouTrack
    - Patched YouTrack GitHub importer to work with GHE and imported issues
    - PR #18382 (QUIC wire format support)
    - Implemented BIO_dgram_pair
    - Attended SSL object structure workshop
    - Attended 3.1 release and risk assessment meetings

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