(Late) monthly report, May 2022

Richard Levitte levitte at openssl.org
Thu Jun 23 07:15:01 UTC 2022

Apart from normal business, such as normal reviews, OMC business, OTC
business, attending daily stand up meetings, attending OMC and OTC
meetings, normal system administration tasks, small fixes, etc., key
activities this month:

* Development:
  - Make configuration (and therefore builds) leaner
  - [not_yet_merged] Allow safer hooking of OPENSSL_cleanup in providers
  - [not_yet_merged] Stop using atexit() in libcrypto, reply on the app to call OPENSSL_cleanup()
  - [EXPERIMENTAL] Add an internal test to see what happens when reloading a shared object
  - Clear method store / query cache confusion
  - Generic Event Queue design
  - mdl: Don't enforce one space after list markers
  - Implement the generic event queue
  - [not_yet_merged] Implement the TRACE category ERR, to trace all added error records
  - Remove include/openssl/configuration.h from mandatory dependencies
* Web:
  - Add a top level dirdata.yaml
  - Change news/changelog.md back to changelog.txt
  - Better dependencies for md->html rendering
  - Add better dependencies for generated files
  - Don't use $? when only the first prerequisite is to be used
* Policies:
** General:
  - REVIEWED: Remove the double definitions of the OpenSSL Bylaws link.
  - REVIEWED: Add a process for minor policy edits
  - REVIEWED: Add security policy
  - REVIEWED: Add vote announcement to voting procedure
** Technical:
  - REVIEWED: coding-style.md: add various rules for writing C expressions
  - REVIEWED: Add a process for minor policy edits
  - REVIEWED: Add vote announcement to voting procedure
  - REVIEWED: coding-style.md: add various rules on spaces, lines, and comments
  - REVIEWED: Switch to C99 without the features that became optional in C11
* Sysadmin:
** Buildbot:
  - Integrate github.openssl.org
  - Add the VMS builders
  - Buildbot setup for w-vms8-ia64-1 and w-vms8-ia64-2
  - Build all our public release branches
  - Set a 1 hour timeout on the VMS testing step
  - Take note of the 'basename' property when makeing the configuration command
  - Split builders (and schedulers) to become release branch specific
** Automation:
  - Add back the web setup for the openssl/openssl.git repo
** System configuration:
  - apache: add a TLS proxy in front of coverity
  - postfix: Add an alias for youtrack-machine
  - network: fix IPv6 on work.openssl.org
  - zenhub: Use 'zhe-config --update-tls' instead of 'zhe-config --reload'
** Other:
  - netmap.txt: Delineate what equipment belongs to Space.NET
  - Fixed an issue where github.openssl.org kept crashing under certain circumstances
  - Fixed an issue where pages on github.openssl.org showing 500 http
    error, with Github support assistance
  - Fixed Zenhub downtime, with Zenhub support assistance

Richard Levitte         levitte at openssl.org
OpenSSL Project         http://www.openssl.org/~levitte/

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