Monthly status: February

Dr Paul Dale pauli at
Tue Mar 1 01:46:46 UTC 2022

Significant activities throughout February included:

  * Fixes for scrypt testing & maximum memory usage
  * Lots of policy updates and policy creation:
      o Committer policy
      o Documentation policy
      o Versioning policy
      o Staff unavailability policy (in progress)
      o Glossary and amalgamation of definitions
  * Coverity fixes as and when required
  * Responding to FIPS related questioning
  * Fixed the OMC/OTC/Committer status scripts
  * QUIC investigation and planning
      o Picoquic
      o lsquic
      o Timer wheels
  * Caching algorithms with NULL property queries

This is in addition to the usual nightly meetings, issue triage, pull 
request reviews and responding to questions etc


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