Monthly Status Report (February)

Matt Caswell matt at
Tue Mar 1 16:45:18 UTC 2022

As well as normal reviews, attending regular OMC and OTC meetings, 
attending daily stand up meetings, responding to user queries, wiki user 
requests, OMC business, sys-admin, support customer issues, CLA 
submissions, handling security reports, etc., key activities this month:

Worked on Proof of Concept for an SSL compatibility layer
Reviewed the proposed documentation policy
Reviewed the TCP Fast Open Submission
Investigated a tsan error report
Completed a proof-of-concept SSL compatibility layer using a toy protocol
Investigated two different third party QUIC libraries for a proof of 
concept/learning purposes
Fixed a compilation problem with "no-deprecated --api=1.1.1"
Investigated a strange fragmentation problem with max_fragment_length=4096
Wrote two test client applications using two different third party QUIC 
Updated the OTC requirements doc to include additional requirements, and 
split out the MVP requirements
Wrote a strawman proposal for the QUIC SSL API
Started the vote on the next LTS release
Attended a workshop to discuss the QUIC SSL API
Further refinement of the QUIC SSL API proposal
Investigated some DTLS design deficiencies to feed into the SSL API proposal
Wrote a demo client using the proposed QUIC SSL API
Raised a PR to fix addrev to adhere to the new review rules
Proposed an update to the commit hooks to adhere to the new review rules
Performed 1.0.2zc release
Investigated and fixed a 1.0.2 bug
Set up a new committer
Took part in sprint planning for the two sprints started during this month
Reviewed Spectre issues
Started onboarding process for the new developer


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