(Late) monthly report, January 2022

Richard Levitte levitte at openssl.org
Mon Mar 7 13:49:35 UTC 2022

Apart from normal business, such as normal reviews, OMC business, OTC
business, attending daily stand up meetings, attending OMC and OTC
meetings, normal system administration tasks, small fixes, etc., key
activities this month:

* Development:
  - Add signed bn2bin and bin2bn functions
  - We shouldn't use atexit() in our libraries (or modules, engines and providers alike)
  - Use ERR upcalls in legacy provider
  - Include the modules directory in openssl.pc
  - Looked at possible design for a generic comms API
  - Investigated the TAPS API
* Web:
  - Keep publishing manuals for 1.0.2
* Policies:
  - REVIEWED: Version policy
  - REVIEWED: Policy for accepting assembler optimisations
  - REVIEWED: Add Policy on API compatibility in minor releases
  - REVIEWED: Coding style policy
* Sysadmin:
** Machinery
  - Setup new server (work.openssl.org):
    - Installed Ubunto 20.04
    - Installed libvirt+QEMU
    - Setup a default VM to clone from
  - Added issues for creating more VMs
** System configuration
  - Modified iptables on the old server (host.openssl.org) to not
    interfere with packets for work.openssl.org
** Other
  - Added HOWTOs on cloning pr creating a new guest
  - Updated hardware and network information
  - Updated our internal admin handbook

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OpenSSL Project         http://www.openssl.org/~levitte/

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