(Late) monthly report, December 2021

Richard Levitte levitte at openssl.org
Mon Mar 7 13:45:12 UTC 2022

Apart from normal business, such as normal reviews, OMC business, OTC
business, attending daily stand up meetings, attending OMC and OTC
meetings, normal system administration tasks, small fixes, etc., key
activities this month:

* Development:
  - Attended many QUIC design meetings
  - [WIP] APPS: break out a number of routines from apps/lib/apps.c, and clean up test/build.info
  - Fix EVP_PKEY_eq() to be possible to use with strictly private keys
  - Fix VMS installation
  - Fix faulty detail in BN_rand() manual
  - Make OSSL_provider_init() OPENSSL_EXPORT, not just extern
  - Add some CHANGES entries for 1.1.1m
  - Update NEWS for 1.1.1m
  - Reviewed the release of OpenSSL 3.0.1 and 1.1.1m
* Web:
  - Drop the current roadmap
  - Convert scripts for Python 3
* Policies:
  - REVIEWED: Stable Release Updates Policy
* Sysadmin:
** Machinery
  - Setup iLO of new server (work.openssl.org) with sysadmin users
** Git repositories
  - Create more github pre-receive hooks to replace those used in the
    gitolite setup:
    - no-merge-commits.sh
    - check-reviews.sh          to replace VREF/UNREVIEWED/
    - frozen.sh                 to replace VREF/FROZEN/
  - Moved more repositories from gitolite to github.openssl.org
** System configuration
  - Disable TLSv1.0 and TLSv1.1 in our Apache config
  - Adapt gitweb to our new setup
* Other:
  - Add authentication of incoming github requests
    in OMC tools clacheck/clacheck.py
  - Add functionality to extract all CLAs or CLAs for a specific group
    in OMC tools OpenSSL::Query, QueryApp

Richard Levitte         levitte at openssl.org
OpenSSL Project         http://www.openssl.org/~levitte/

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