Auto github PR script and 3.0

Mark J Cox mark at
Mon Mar 14 10:29:31 UTC 2022

We have a script that runs daily and makes sure things needing action
for OTC/OMC are pinged if they get old. It also autocloses issues
where it was waiting for the reporter with no action, or waiting for a
NDA for a significant amount of time.

Because 3.0 wasn't out, it ignored everything with the "post 3.0.0"
milestone.  It's time to turn off that exception.  However looking at
the PR list this will cause a large number of PR's to change state:

It will ping OMC about 4 stale issues waiting for OMC
It will ping OTC about 14 stale issues waiting for OTC
It will ping committers about 12 stale issues waiting for committers
It will close 5 issues waiting for the creator to make changes >90 days
It will close 4 issues waiting for a CLA for >180 days

Any objections to this, or a preferred time in the future to make the change?


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