Auto github PR script and 3.0

Mark J Cox mark at
Mon Mar 14 10:32:21 UTC 2022

(It looks like a bug in the script caused the dry run to actually
action a few of those changes already)



On Mon, 14 Mar 2022 at 10:29, Mark J Cox <mark at> wrote:
> We have a script that runs daily and makes sure things needing action
> for OTC/OMC are pinged if they get old. It also autocloses issues
> where it was waiting for the reporter with no action, or waiting for a
> NDA for a significant amount of time.
> Because 3.0 wasn't out, it ignored everything with the "post 3.0.0"
> milestone.  It's time to turn off that exception.  However looking at
> the PR list this will cause a large number of PR's to change state:
> It will ping OMC about 4 stale issues waiting for OMC
> It will ping OTC about 14 stale issues waiting for OTC
> It will ping committers about 12 stale issues waiting for committers
> It will close 5 issues waiting for the creator to make changes >90 days
> It will close 4 issues waiting for a CLA for >180 days
> Any objections to this, or a preferred time in the future to make the change?
> Mark

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