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On 17/12/2015 10:36, counterpoint wrote:
> Thanks to Michael and Kurt for explanatory comments.
> Is there an available setting that gives the upper limit on the amount of
> data that will be obtained by a single ssl_read()?
> The data stream is SQL requests, and often these are quite small, but they
> can run to megabytes. I need to malloc a buffer for the data. If it is too
> small, that will impose extra processing overheads in the rest of the
> system. If it is too large, it will impose memory wastage on the rest of the
> system.  The system has an upper limit of 32 KB on the initial size of a
> buffer for reading, but that is way above the typical SQL request.
> So, accepting that I can't set the size precisely, if there is a limit for
> SSL data reads that is significantly lower than 32 KB then that might be a
> feasible fixed buffer size.  If that isn't possible, maybe it will have to
> be a tunable configuration value.  Any comments?
The current SSL/TLS standards limits the per record data
size to 16K exactly, see for example RFC5246 section 6.2.1.

However the data you want in your (higher level) code
probably has a completely different natural size
limit/unit which may be larger and smaller.  For SQL there
is no natural limit however, unless your SQL parser
happens to fail on statements above some arbitrary size.

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