[openssl-users] Looking for ASKDFVS (NIST 800-135) support

John Laundree JLaundree at zoll.com
Tue Jan 13 15:43:33 UTC 2015

I am looking for test vectors and a test suite to support FIPS KDF testing using openSSL FIPS version 2.0.7 in conjunction with OpenSSL 1.0.1e. Specifically, I am looking to do TLS KDF testing. I am new to openSSL/FIPS community and was expecting to find KDF test vectors similar to what is provided at http://opensslfoundation.com/testing/validation-2.0/testvectors/?C=M;O=D and supporting tests in the openSSL FIPS codebase. I see a few Vendors have been certified with KDF TLS using openSSL. So I guess my question boils down to this... Is KDF test generation using openSSL a vendor exercise (i.e. model off of openSSL t1_enc.c code)? Or did I miss something along the way?

Any pointers/advice is appreciated. Thanks.


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