[openssl-users] OpenSSL as OCSP server (responder) !

CpServiceSPb . cpservicespb at gmail.com
Tue Nov 10 20:58:08 UTC 2015

I have Ubuntu 14.04 LTS x32 and not big Lan.
I have by myself generated Root->Intermediate->Server/Clients certificate
by OpenSSL.
I want to do some looks like OCSP server (responder) for Lan.
I looked at OpenSSL man and saw that OpenSSL can be as OCSP responder
listening some TCP port.
But I need that it could operate as daemon that I could start openssl OCSP
by script and OpenSSL could handles clients requests in background mode.

Is it possible and how can it be done ?

And can OpenSSL for Windows run as Windows service ?
I need mini OCSP server (responder) based on OpenSSL at Windows as well.
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