[openssl-users] Solaris 8, OpenSSL 1.0.1e, not connecting fro our client, but can connect via openssl in client mode

Tom Kacvinsky tom.kacvinsky at vectorcast.com
Tue Nov 10 22:51:03 UTC 2015

I have an interesting case where I am using Solaris 8 (the patchset for
which which has /dev/urandom and /dev/random) with OpenSSL 1.0.1e.  I can
see from my truss logs that we are attempting to connect to a secure web
server, but we see nothing in the Apache log files indicating we connect.

If I run

./openssl  s_client -ssl3 -host XXX.YYY.com -port 443

we do indeed connect.  So I suspect it is something in the client code we
are using.  We are using the Qt 4.8.5 SSL client.  What should I be on the
look out for, so I can file a reasonable support request with Digia?  This
code works fine on Linux and Windows, so I don't really know at this point
if the problem is with Solaris support in Qt, or something lower level in
OpenSSL (thought I doubt the latter as openssl in client mode is able to

Thanks.  If this should go to the OpenSSL developers list, let me know.


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