[openssl-users] Question about Openssl FIPS module and Python-openssl

John Foley foleyj at cisco.com
Mon Sep 14 20:00:00 UTC 2015

Your first question should be presented to the Python developers that
provide support for OpenSSL.  They would be the user of the OpenSSL
API.  I'm not a Python expert, but somewhere they would have a native
layer that leverages the OpenSSL API.  This native layer code would need
to invoke FIPS_mode_set().  The question is whether our not they expose
a knob to the Python user layer to enable/disable FIPS.  Maybe someone
on this mailer happens to know the answer.  If not, reach out to the
Python developer community.

Regarding your second question, FIPS_mode_set() needs to be invoked once
within each process space.  Therefore, if your Python code was all
running in a single process space, then you'd only need to invoke it
once.  But if you're spawning multiple processes, then you'll need to
invoke it whenever a new process was created.

On 09/14/2015 03:51 PM, security veteran wrote:
> Hi, 
> I've built an openssl library with the FIPS objects modules, and I was
> testing the new lib files by replacing the original library files such
> as libcrypto.so with the new ones.
> From the FIPS user guide I understand that any applications which need
> to use the OpenSSL FIPS modules will need to run the API FIPS_mode_set
> to enable the FIPS mode.
> My question is, for the applications/ libraries like Python-openssl
> which depends on the openssl libraries, how do I make the
> Python-openssl module to run the FIPS_mode_set API, in order to
> initialize/enable FIPS mode?
> Also, does the FIPS_mode_set API only need to be run once by one of
> the applications/ libraries which use OpenSSL?
> Thanks for your helps!
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