[openssl-users] Openssl-fips object module static library build with /MD option

ghanashyam satpathy ghanashyam.satpathy at gmail.com
Tue Apr 5 04:35:26 UTC 2016

I have a question on compiling Openssl-fips object module as 64 bit static
library in win 8.1.

I am using following versions of source and compile instruction.

 1. cd openssl-fips-2.0.12
 2. SET FIPSDIR=C:\tools\fips\opensslfips
 3. ms\do_fips no-asm

This turns out the build to be successful,however noticed it uses a
compilation arg /MD .
That turns out to be issue when I link this lib to my application.


 1. cd openssl-1.0.1p
 2. perl Configure VC-WIN64A fips --with-fipsdir=C:\tools\fips\opensslfips
 3. ms\do_win64A

Here I noticed the ms\nt.mak contains /MD too. As I used fips option to

4. nmake -f ms\nt.mak

Compiles OK, but with /MD option.
My application requirement is to generate all these static lib with /MT
option. How I can do that.
The existing fips-object module User Guide 2.0 does not help in this regard.

Would appreciate an early reply in this subject.


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