[openssl-users] Fwd: undefined symbol: EC_KEY_new_by_curve_name

kishore satyakishore09 at gmail.com
Tue Apr 5 13:50:52 UTC 2016

I'm trying to compile httpd 2.4.18 with openssl-1.0.2g(with
openssl-fips-2.0.12) on 64-bit RHEL machine.
I'm could compile and get it(httpd) running in http mode and while i'm
trying to run it in
HTTPS mode, server is unable to start saying

"httpd: Syntax error on line 128 of
/tmp/ossl/httpd/Release/conf/httpd.conf: Cannot load modules/mod_ssl.so
into server: /tmp/ossl/httpd/Release/modules/mod_ssl.so: undefined symbol:

​I could get the same config up and running in 32-bit, but there seems to
be an issue with 64-bit.
Can someone help me with this​.

I have checked all pre reqs and basic checks for paths, all seems to be
pointing to proper libraries.

Thanks in Advance

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