[openssl-users] FIPS_incore_fingerprint inconsistent text section results on iOS

etksubs at gmail.com etksubs at gmail.com
Mon Aug 22 20:46:54 UTC 2016

I am having a problem where FIPS_incore_fingerprint is failing to generate the same signature as our build script.

If I set a breakpoint in FIPS_incore_fingerprint it appears that p1-p4 are all being set correctly.  If I dump memory for each section (p1-p2 and p3-p4) and concatenate the binary data and run openssl sha1 -hmac etaonrishdlcupfm concatenateddata.bin I get the same result as we are storing into FIPS_signature.  However, after the HMAC_Final call in FIPS_incore_fingerprint the resulting signature is not the same.

I set breakpoints and skipped the second HMAC_Update (so as to just hash the text section) and I do not get the same result as expected for just that section.

If I skip the first HMAC_Update to just hash the data section, then that does return the expected result for that section every time.

I have dumped the text section (p1-p2) before and after the first HMAC_Update and there is no difference in the memory contents, and I get the same contents for every run, yet the resulting hash for that chunk is different every time.

Any idea what might be going on here?

  Erik Tkal

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