[openssl-users] Setting tlsext_hb_pending in OpenSSL 1.1.x

Thomas d'Otreppe tdotreppe at gmail.com
Sun Dec 18 01:11:56 UTC 2016


I'm updating some code that was working just fine with OpenSSL 1.0.x
but there was a recent update to 1.1.0c that broke it. I was able to
fix one of the 2 compilation issue fairly easily (TLS1_RT_HEARTBEAT
that got renamed to DTLS1_RT_HEARTBEAT) but I'm struggling with the
other one.

I looked up only and I have been asking in the IRC with no success
(the OpenSSL channel is too quiet) and that's why I'm now asking your

Basically, the SSL structure used to contain tlsext_hb_pending
variable. After looking up, I found out there is now a function to get
the value of 'pending'. What I need is to set the value. How can I do
that now with 1.1.x?

Did this change occurred for 1.1.0 only or did it occur before (in
1.0.x)? I want to use an #ifdef so that the code can compile with
different versions of OpenSSL.

Best regards,


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