[openssl-users] Statically link FIPS OpenSSL to shared library application

Gustavo Tabares gustavotabares at gmail.com
Wed Feb 17 18:29:12 UTC 2016


I’m trying to statically link OpenSSL to my C++ shared library application
on Linux. I’ve followed the instructions outlined in the Fipsld and C++
Wiki page and everything builds fine. However I’m getting a fingerprint
mismatch when calling FIPS_mode_set. If I change my shared library to an
executable (by adding a main function) everything works fine.

Besides building fipspremain.c with -x c / -x none (as per the Wiki page)
and specifying the -dso flag for the incore script, is there anything else
that I may be missing? The Wiki page covers building executables, but I
didn’t think there was much difference between the two.

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