[openssl-users] [openssl-dev] pkeyutl does not invoke hash?

Viktor Dukhovni openssl-users at dukhovni.org
Thu Jan 14 19:54:46 UTC 2016

> On Jan 14, 2016, at 2:52 PM, Salz, Rich <rsalz at akamai.com> wrote:
> Okay, how about this.  First, remove the NOTES subhead.  Add this to the end of the first paragraph:
> 	This program does not hash the input data and requires the input data
> 	to be of the proper size, and must not be greater than the size of
> 	the public key field or modulus.  See dgst(1) for a unified
> 	Interace.

Sounds good, s/Interace/interface/


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