[openssl-users] wiki spam

Steve Marquess stevem at openssl.org
Mon Jul 11 11:46:54 UTC 2016

The OpenSSL wiki has recently attracted the attention of some spammers
who requested accounts and provided what initially appeared to be
reasonable justifications (which we now suspect were just clever
cut-and-paste edits of CVs found online). I wish they could put half as
much effort into improving OpenSSL as they did to vandalizing it.

We're repaired the damage (if I missed any please sing out). We're
obviously going to have to be more careful about creating new accounts
in the future. We have received a flurry of requests in the past few
days that due to timing and other clues I won't mention appear to be a
continuation of the spamming. We are ignoring them.

If you are a legitimate OpenSSL user who made such a request, please
keep that in mind and try again in a week or so. The last thing we want
to do is discourage legitimate participation. On the other hand,
cleaning up the spam is tedious so please note that going forward we'll
need better evidence that new contributors are real OpenSSL users. How
we do that we'll need to figure out as we go; please bear with us.

-Steve M.

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