[openssl-users] Increased memory consumption noticed when upgrading from openssl 1.0.1 to openssl 1.0.2

Andrew Payne ajrpayne at gmail.com
Sun Mar 20 03:15:18 UTC 2016


My company is in the process of upgrading from openssl 1.0.1 to openssl
1.0.2. We noticed that when we use any version of openssl 1.0.2 we have an
extremely high increase in memory usage. Around 15 or more gigs of memory
 extra are consumed.

My questions are as follows:

Are there any settings we should be adjusting to decrease openssl 1.0.2
memory consumption?

Has anything changed between openssl 1.0.1 and openssl 1.0.2 that would
account for this increase?
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