[openssl-users] Increased memory consumption noticed when upgrading from openssl 1.0.1 to openssl 1.0.2

Matt Caswell matt at openssl.org
Mon Mar 21 10:04:30 UTC 2016

On 20/03/16 03:15, Andrew Payne wrote:
> Hello,
> My company is in the process of upgrading from openssl 1.0.1 to openssl
> 1.0.2. We noticed that when we use any version of openssl 1.0.2 we have
> an extremely high increase in memory usage. Around 15 or more gigs of
> memory  extra are consumed.
> My questions are as follows:
> Are there any settings we should be adjusting to decrease openssl 1.0.2
> memory consumption?
> Has anything changed between openssl 1.0.1 and openssl 1.0.2 that would
> account for this increase?

Not that I can think of, and I don't recall this issue coming up before
which would suggest its not a widespread problem. Any clues as to what
the application is doing at the time you see this?


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