[openssl-users] good riddance to PayPal

Johann v. Preußen jvp at forthepolls.org
Thu May 12 18:23:22 UTC 2016

dwolla: yes, i keyed off your comment re getting your last $'s from paypal and 
thought they would work for your donations: US, at least. and then somebody like 
Citi (a globally top-three credit card issuer) could handle accounts in GBP and 
EURO in London with a relatively small translation cost for Nordics and other 
Euro-peripherals into either London pool.

the rest of the globe would probably be cheaper to come into NYC in USD. if you 
spend in GBP/EURO you would do so from those accounts with no translation costs. 
of course, you can concentrate the funds where ever you might need them as the 
need arises.

OK, that type of a system takes a bit of effort to get going; but then it is 
quite low-cost and easy to actually run. *however, if you are looking for some 
sort of a paypal "drop-in" one that i am familiar with is propay.*

  * they have some concessionary pricing for non-profits (you can just provide
    proof of your "exempt" DE status).
  * i am not sure what their currency translation hits might be since i only
    know about a US set-up.
  * they do non-swipe cards at 2.2%+$0.25 (no surprise: except for Am Ex which
    you do not have to accept).
  * they do ACH, but have a percentage applied (less than 1%) instead of a much
    lower per-transaction fee.
  * transaction fees might get even lower if your volume is attractive to them.
  * no other fees at all.
  * they also have a bunch of API's you can choose from.
  * one added feature that may interest you is they have a means whereby you can
    post an anchor in social media sites to capture donations back to their system.
  * they also do the maximum PCI isolation so that you do not have to worry re that.
  * they have an "auto-sweep" function every couple of days for depositing into
    your current bank account which can be altered to your own preferred schedule.
  * you can establish multiple accounts if you have FX disbursement needs such
    as GBP and/or Euro and then there would be no attendant translation costs.

of course, this is also a place where you can leverage your org's rep to 
possibly get even better terms. you could start at their non-profit page and 
look on from there and see if there are more features i do not know about:

Thank you,

Johann v. Preußen

On 2016.May.12 09:42, Steve Marquess wrote:
> On 05/12/2016 09:39 AM, Steve Marquess wrote:
>> On 05/11/2016 06:04 PM, Johann v. Preußen wrote:
>>> i am sorry if i have wasted your time on non-profit formation and
>>> taxation issues when i put my CPA hat on. i originally meant to point
>>> out some banking alternatives and how to make certain you could qualify
>>> and control such with the non-profit formation as a means and California
>>> as a low-cost conduit.
>> Not a waste; despite working these issues for some time I remain ever
>> hopeful that there is indeed a simple solution that has to date escaped
>> us. Or even a complex one for that matter.
>> ...
>> Dwolla I'll call when they open for business. I suspect we'll run into
>> the U.S. web server location issue, but I'll check.
>> -Steve M.
> That was a short call; Dwolla only handles payments from within the
> U.S., and the great bulk of our donations come from outside the U.S.
> -Steve M.

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