[openssl-users] good riddance to PayPal

Tucker Moreau master at 8bitrebellion.net
Fri May 13 14:35:13 UTC 2016


Have you considered reaching out to a group like Software in the
Public Interest and accepting donations through them? It's how Debian,
Arch, and several others take donations exactly so they don't have to
deal with the trouble of banks that you're going through now.
Admittedly, it sounds somewhat worrying that OpenSSL itself wouldn't
hold the funds directly this way, but I suppose it's better than
having the funds indefinitely locked in PayPal or not being able to
take donations at all.

On Thu, May 5, 2016 at 1:41 PM, Steve Marquess
<marquess at opensslfoundation.org> wrote:
> We've had a PayPal account for years, as the most convenient way for
> individuals to send small donations. However, as the person who has
> managed that account I can attest that PayPal has always been rather
> annoying to deal with, and I've finally hit my limit. I'm in the process
> of closing that account (something PayPal makes unnecessarily difficult
> and protracted). I was able to refund most of the recent donations that
> we were unable to recover, leaving a balance of $259.45 that will either
> be forfeited to PayPal or (hopefully) refunded by them back to the
> original donors.
> The PayPal donate link ("button") on our web site has been removed. I've
> asked PayPal to block any future inbound transactions while we fight
> over the account closure, but can't be confident that was done. Please
> do not donate via PayPal to any account claiming to represent us; such
> donations won't go to us and may not ever be returned to you.
> This closure of the only convenient means of receiving small donations
> does not mean that we do not value such donations. Those of you who have
> donated via PayPal, many via recurring donations, have our gratitude and
> thanks. I regret that there is no clear alternative to switch to instead
> (suggestions welcome if there are options I'm unaware of).
> -Steve M.
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