[openssl-users] Problem in compiling OpenSSL on Windows-7-32-bit

Michael Wojcik Michael.Wojcik at microfocus.com
Tue Nov 8 13:24:39 UTC 2016

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I build OpenSSL for static linking (though using a hacked configuration, since it's going to be linked into a DLL, and we do not want the C RTS linked statically). I've not seen any of these problems. We build on a variety of Windows versions, using a number of compiler versions (because inter-version compatibility still eludes Microsoft); we've been doing that since the 0.9.8 days, and now do it with each release of 1.0.2.

My advice, frankly, is to study the OpenSSL build process until you understand it. We've had issues in the past with some Windows Perl implementations (currently we use Cygwin Perl with a wrapper program that corrects paths), and as I noted above, we've had to hack the configuration process (with scripts that run between the OpenSSL configuration step and the actual build). The OpenSSL build is not trivial, and the Windows toolchain is, in a word, terrible.

I would also recommend getting nasm out of the Visual Studio tree, where it most definitely does not belong, and into a normal (non-spacey) path.

Michael Wojcik 
Distinguished Engineer, Micro Focus 

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