[openssl-users] Query on BIO_do_accept in openssl server.

ravi shankar ravi02431 at gmail.com
Mon Nov 28 17:34:50 UTC 2016

Hi All,
I am new to openssl and I am trying to achieve server client communication
using Openssl with BIO interfaces.
 As per my understanding on the man page of BIO_do_accept(BIO *abio), first
call to it will set's up accept BIO and Second call to the same is a
blocking call and wait for incoming connections. In my server, i am being
blocked at first call to BIO_do_accept. What all scenarios will make my
call a blocking call?. Thanks for your help.

a part of my Openssl server:

if(BIO_do_accept(server) <= 0)  /* place the underlying socket into
listening mode */
  cout<<" Error setting up accept\n"<<std::endl;
  if(BIO_do_accept(server) <= 0)  /* wait for a new connec;tion */
    cout<<" Error in accepting(BIO) the client connections\n"<<std::endl;
  sclient = BIO_pop(server);/* new_bio now behaves like a BIO_s_socket(  )
BIO */

Please let me know if i miss something to give. Complete SSL Server code is
attached with the mail.
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