[openssl-users] Msys doesn't handle forward slashes in makefile

Fiodar Stryzhniou fedor_qd at mail.ru
Tue Nov 29 05:26:17 UTC 2016

I need in autogenerated files headers, asm, others. Project will migrate to Symbian build system then.
Fiodar Stryzhniou

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Тема: Re: [openssl-users] Msys doesn't handle forward slashes in makefile
От: Jakob Bohm <jb-openssl at wisemo.com>
Дата: 28.11.2016 23.29

On 28/11/2016 11:44, Fiodar Stryzhniou via openssl-users wrote:
> Hi! I use Configure under Msys with crosscompiler arm-none-symbianelf. I edit accordingly Configure script of course. When I run make it prints "_some string_ path not found". I found this string and replace forward slashes to backslashes. I got same error for another string.
> I try "ls path2 file" from error message and got error "not found error". I change slashes and vise versa.
>   How can tell configure to generate makefile with backslashes? May be another solutions exists?
> Fiodar Stryzhniou
Hmm, maybe run perl -pe "s/\//\\/sg" on the Makefile as part of
your higher level build script?
I found recipe on stack overflow "sed -i s/\//\\/g Makefile". Paths can have back and forward slashes at one time in makefile, lol. I don't use build script except Configure.

But how do you run the code after the signing service was shut
down at the Microsoft takeover?
I hack my phone and forget about it. Also I saw in internet how make own devcert.

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