[openssl-users] Root-Level queries while using SSL-connections wrapping "sockets"

Ajay Garg ajaygargnsit at gmail.com
Fri Oct 7 03:21:24 UTC 2016

Hi All.

I understand the basic gist of setting up SSL-connections using
OpenSSL, as per

However, I am a bit unsure about certain implementations.
In particular (let's talk only about the client-side), I wonder how do
the following methods work internally ::

      * SSL_connect (implicitly involving underlying-socket-reads and
      * SSL_write (involving underlying-socket-writes)
      * SSL_read (involving underlying-socket-reads)

We have a framework which we have ported to a variety of devices,
involving GPRS-connectivity, and devices without operating-systems.
I know that there is "no one universal socket-write" and "no one
universal socket-read" implementations.

With the above in mind, I wonder how the "SSL_connect", "SSL_write",
"SSL_read" actually handle the root-level writes/reads (given that we
do not pass any "root-level-socket-write" and "root-level-socket-read"
callbacks before "SSL_write" and "SSL_read").

Looking forward to some help; I will be grateful for any pointers.

Thanks and Regards,

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