[openssl-users] pod to html

Benjamin Kaduk bkaduk at akamai.com
Mon Oct 10 19:05:29 UTC 2016

On 10/10/2016 08:30 AM, Ken Goldman wrote:
> On 10/6/2016 10:11 AM, Matt Caswell wrote:
>> make install_html_docs
> That somewhat worked.
> 1 - I get 100's of errors of the form
> /usr/bin/pod2html: -: cannot resolve L<SSL_get_error(3)> in paragraph 11.

Trying the install locally, at least some of these are "well-known",
resulting from links that cross the boundaries amongst apps/, crypto/,
and ssl/ -- doc/apps/errstr.pod links to SSL_load_error_strings as the
first "cannot resolve" error I see.  I forget why this is not trivial to
fix, though.

> 2 - The links, typically in "SEE ALSO" are not links.

Maybe you should post some of the generated HTML?

To reuse my errstr example, errstr.html has a SEE ALSO that is:

> <h1 id="SEE-ALSO">SEE ALSO</h1>
> <p><a href="../../crypto/err.html">err</a>, <a
> href="../../crypto/ERR_load_crypto_strings.html">ERR_load_crypto_strings</a>,
> <a>SSL_load_error_strings</a></p>

which clearly has HTML links, except for the aforementioned

> 3 - The back navigation at the bottom of the page is missing.
> I suspect that these are all related, probably to some configuration
> option that's missing.

Looking at
view-source:https://www.openssl.org/docs/manmaster/apps/errstr.html ,
the "You are here" hierarchy is in a <footer>, which seems to not be
referenced by anything in the openssl.git tree.  However, if we look in
git://git.openssl.org/openssl-web.git, there is a bin/mk-manpages script
that inserts precisely that footer.  So I would suggest you look in the
openssl-web repo if you are attempting to precisely reproduce the
openssl.org website and/or its manpages.

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