[openssl-users] openssl asn1parse using both -genstr and -genconf options

Dr. Stephen Henson steve at openssl.org
Sat Sep 10 23:20:02 UTC 2016

On Sat, Sep 10, 2016, shanthi thomas wrote:

> Hi,    I'm trying to use openssl asn1parse subprogram to encode an ASN1
> structure. Some of the data in the ASN1 structure is static and I was
> planning to use a CONF file as shown in the examples for this via the
> -genconf option. However some of the data I need to pass via a command line
> argument for which I was planning to use the -genstr option. However, I'm
> not sure how to use both the -genstr and the -genconf in a single command. I
> could find any examples of this either.  Can someone point me to any good
> examples on how to use both these options together?

While you can use -genstr and -genconf together their use is rather limited
and probably wont do what you want.

Instead I'd suggest passing values using environment variables and uses the
config file environment variable options to include them in the appropriate

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