[openssl-users] ASN1 & Recursive Structures definition

Dr. Pala madwolf at openca.org
Sun Dec 3 18:37:56 UTC 2017

Hi Richard, all,

I tried to do the forward declaration also for the TEST_SIGNATURE 
together with the TEST one, but that did not really work :( It is still 
complaining about the use of 'sizeof' on an incomplete type. In 
particular, the two errors are:

    src/ocspv2/****: error: use of undeclared identifier 'TEST_it'


    src/ocspv2/****: error: invalid application of 'sizeof' to an
    incomplete type 'const ASN1_TEMPLATE []'

I guess I need to checkout the macros a bit more.. :D

Question: does anybody know if  there is any other structure already 
implemented in OpenSSL that resembles the one I am trying to do here? I 
tried to look for something similar, but no success.. :D

If there is no easy answer, I guess I will have to either change the 
envisioned approach (maybe introducing an intermediate data structure of 
some kind..?) or use the ASN1_ANY approach.


On 12/2/17 4:54 AM, Richard Levitte wrote:
> In message <d1eeba62-f25f-c984-dc77-94a150cf73c1 at openca.org> on Fri, 1 Dec 2017 20:22:09 -0700, "Dr. Pala" <madwolf at openca.org> said:
> madwolf> Hi Richard,
> madwolf>
> madwolf> thanks :D That worked. I have a new challenge for you now. Here's what
> madwolf> I am trying to do:
> madwolf>
> madwolf> ASN1_SEQUENCE(TEST);
> madwolf> ASN1_SEQUENCE(TBS_TEST) = {
> madwolf>     ASN1_SIMPLE(TBS_TEST, version, ASN1_INTEGER),
> madwolf>     ASN1_EXP_SEQUENCE_OF_OPT(TBS_TEST, otherTests, TEST, 0)
> madwolf> } ASN1_SEQUENCE_END(TEST)
> madwolf>
> madwolf>
> madwolf> ASN1_SEQUENCE(TEST) = {
> madwolf>     ASN1_SIMPLE(TEST, tbsTest, ASN1_INTEGER),
> madwolf>     ASN1_EXP_OPT(TEST, optionalSignature, TEST_SIGNATURE, 0)
> madwolf> } ASN1_SEQUENCE_END(TEST)
> madwolf>
> madwolf>
> madwolf> In this case, the difference is that TBS_TEST has, inside the
> madwolf> otherTests that are of type TEST. The TEST is built out of a tbsTest
> madwolf> and an optionalSignature - but it is defined after TBS_TEST.
> madwolf>
> madwolf> What to do in this case ?
> It seems to me that you need to do some kind of forward declaration of
> TEST_SIGNATURE as well, before the construction of TEST.  (also, to be
> picky, you need to make sure that ASN1_SEQUENCE(TBS_TEST) is ended
> Cheers,
> Richard

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