[openssl-users] VS2017 15.5 hangs indefinitely with Blake2b.c

Oliver Niebuhr googleersatz at oliverniebuhr.de
Thu Dec 7 04:38:05 UTC 2017


Yeah my fault. I mixed up CL and Link Version Numbers:
Link Version is 14.12.25830.2 and
CL Version 19.12.25830.2 but
Compiler Tool Set Version is 14.12

You have to love their Versioning Scheme ;)

BTW: It turned out that the VS SSA-Optimizer is at fault here! After
disabling it with '/d2SSAOptimizer-' blake2b.c compiles fine.

Seems like a Bug with this Tool Set Version.

I created a BR:

Should I create a BR at the VS Forum too?

Have a nice Day everyone

On 06/12/2017 15:07, Michael Wojcik wrote:
>> From: openssl-users [mailto:openssl-users-bounces at openssl.org] On Behalf
>> Of Oliver Niebuhr
>> Sent: Wednesday, December 06, 2017 08:43
>> Like mentioned below, I updated the VS 2017 Compiler to 14.12 - but it
>> also happens with 14.11.
> I don't know where those version numbers come from (Microsoft's dev toolchain versioning remains a mystery to me), but I'm using VS2017, running "cl" with no parameters says 19.11.25547, and I just compiled blake2b.c with no issues.
> Now, this is blake2b.c from the Argon2 reference implementation - I don't know if it's been changed at all in the OpenSSL sources. And I'm not building OpenSSL in this case (it's a diffferent project that happens to include Argon2), so it's entirely possible I'm using different compiler options. But there's another data point, anyway.

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