[openssl-users] SSL_read() failed: error:140E0197:SSL routines:SSL_shutdown:shutdown while in init

Kadlecsik József kadlecsik.jozsef at wigner.mta.hu
Thu Oct 26 10:22:54 UTC 2017


We upgraded one of our dovecot servers to debian stretch with dovecot 
2.2.27 and since then an alpine MUA user has been experiencing random IMAP 

We enabled debugging at both sides, the client tells only:

{XXXX}INBOX: [CLOSED] IMAP connection broken (server response)

and we could verify that the client indeed did not receive the server 

On the server side the raw log shows that the correct response is pushed 
to the client, but at the same time in the debug log we see:

Oct 20 18:50:05 mail2 dovecot: imap-login: Debug: SSL error: SSL_read() 
failed: error:140E0197:SSL routines:SSL_shutdown:shutdown while in init

The openssl package is 1.1.0f-3.

The error messsage is total cryptic to me: how could three states be 

I think it's a dovecot issue about how the openssl library is used but I'm 
unfamiliar with the details of the openssl library: what function, macro 
is used incorrectly then, at which state?

Thanks any help!

Best regards,
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