[openssl-users] AssAccess was passed with no amendments

bmeeker51 at buckeye-express.com bmeeker51 at buckeye-express.com
Fri Dec 14 22:42:14 UTC 2018

Though you could infer my opinion, I was not trying to create a 
political debate as you allude.  I'm sure many users would agree that 
the A&A bill is profoundly relevant and "on-topic" considering OpenSSL 
has an Australian developer.  I simply wanted a clear statement so I can 
make an informed decision whether or not I should use OpenSSL in future 
projects.  I now have my answer.  Thank you.

On 2018-12-14 14:49, Michael Wojcik wrote:
>> On 2018-12-06 04:47, openssl at foocrypt.net wrote:
>> > Does OpenSSL have a policy stance on government enforced back doors ?
>> >
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>> the silence is deafening
> "OpenSSL" doesn't have a "policy stance" on anything. It's a software 
> package.
> This is openssl-users, not
> openssl-official-opinions-of-the-OpenSSL-Foundation. Or
> openssl-political-discussions, for that matter.
> I imagine many people who are subscribed to this list are not in favor
> of the legislation in question. However, that is not a subject
> pertinent to the list, and openssl-users remains valuable to its
> subscribers in large part because most of the traffic remains
> on-topic.
> There are plenty of forums where people have expressed, and continue
> to express, their opinions of the Assistance and Access Bill. That
> includes numerous cryptography and security experts, and
> representatives of organizations which are active in those areas. Some
> random posts in openssl-users will not materially change the course or
> weight of that discussion.
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> Michael Wojcik
> Distinguished Engineer, Micro Focus

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