[openssl-users] How to find the right bug

Shreya Bhandare shreyabhandare25 at gmail.com
Mon Dec 17 08:29:20 UTC 2018


i am very new to openssl and contributing to large code bases in general, I
did my first contribution to openssl which got me familiar with the process
etc. It is time for me to dig deeper and find a bug that actually helps me
understand some part of code base and I'm having a hard time to actually
find such a bug, any help in pointing out a bug that that any of you have
come across, that you think would be a good start or something that you're
not finding time to do, I would be happy to do it (with a little help). Or
any help on pointers on how to find the right bug for you when you don't
know much about the code base would also be very helpful, i wouldn't want
to take up much time of anybody :)

Also i wans't sure which of the mailers was the more appropriate one to
post this question so adding both, won't happen the next time!

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