[openssl-users] Build target architecture

Dr. Matthias St. Pierre Matthias.St.Pierre at ncp-e.com
Fri Dec 28 22:11:57 UTC 2018

> After some searching and check, I've realized that openssl is not configured for different target architectures?
> I develop an application for Android using NDK(Native Development Kit).
> There is Configurations/15-android.conf inside openssl git repo, but could not be sure. 

> Could someone advise for the right usage. There is also opensslconf.h, and I was thinking adding macros and use it.
> I use Ubuntu16 and Mac-HighSierra as development OS. Thanks

If it's your first time you try compiling OpenSSL, I'd recommend you start with reading the INSTALL instructions and the
platform specific NOTES.ANDROID instructions first. There you will hopefully find the answers to your questions.
You find those two text files in the root of your OpenSSL source directory. You can also view them directly on GitHub at


The `opensslconf.h` file is not intended to be edited. It is created by the .\Configure script from the `opensslconf.h.in` template.
Also the `Configurations/*.conf` files which are part of the tarball are normally not intended to be edited, unless you
intend to get you changes merged upstream. But you are free to add your own configuration file if it really turns out to be necessary.
The config files also support inheritance, so you can derive from an existing configuration and apply incremental changes.



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