[openssl-users] Windows 1.1.1 binaries and web server

Salz, Rich rsalz at akamai.com
Wed Feb 21 14:12:25 UTC 2018

This is very useful!  Can you post an udate to the wiki?  https://wiki.openssl.org/index.php/Binaries

On 2/21/18, 8:57 AM, "Angus Robertson - Magenta Systems Ltd" <angus at magsys.co.uk> wrote:

    Windows developers may be interested in our Win32 build of OpenSSL
    1.1.1-pre1 (alpha), the binaries are digitally code signed 'Open Source
    Developer, François PIETTE', the lead developer for the Delphi Internet
    Component Suite project.  About half way down the page at:
    The latest 1.0.2 and 1.1.0 are also available, digitally code signed. 
    I have also built my Windows ICS web application server to use
    1.1.1-pre1 (alpha) so it can be used for testing TLSv1.3, the
    information page shows the protocol you connect with, the ciphers
    available and the OpenSSL and draft version being used. 
    Currently most browsers still connect with TLSv1.2.  
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