[openssl-users] 1.1.1 pre1 tests failing on Solaris SPARC

Andy Polyakov appro at openssl.org
Sat Feb 24 15:21:27 UTC 2018

>>>>> As for -lm, which symbol was undefined?
>>>> Undefined                       first referenced
>>>>   symbol                             in file
>>>> fabs                                test/ct_test.o
>>> ??? One can only wonder where does it come from. I see no fabs
>>> anywhere...
> Ah! Missed it! There is fabs call in ct_test. I was looking for
> reference in binary code. On multiple platforms including Solaris x86.
> Question is how come it isn't a problem anywhere else. It looks like
> it's customarily inlined, but not here. Well, you insist on
> -xbuiltin=%none, so I suppose this has to be it. In such case it's on you...

Well, one can probably argue that it might be appropriate to solve it
anyway. And provided that this is the *only* reference to -lm, it
wouldn't be inappropriate to solve it rather by casting difftime return
value to integer and then passing it to abs(3).

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